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Escalade IQ

Cadillac Confirms the All-Electric ‘Escalade IQ’

Waiting for that first massive electric three-row SUV to finally hit the market? Cadillac might end up being the first to make it happen with the upcoming ‘Escalade IQ’. Today, the accompany officially announced the name of the all-electric Escalade, and while it might come off a little rough at first, the naming strategy should not come as a surprise. IQ means electric in the Cadillac world, so if it’s ditching the internal combustion engine, it’s going to have ‘IQ’ at the end of the name. Simple as that.

Back in 2021, GM was found trademarking the names Escalade IQ and Escalade IQL, alongside a plethora of other vehicles names with the -IQ suffix. At this point we know of the LYRIQ and CELESTIQ, but names such as SYMBOLIQ and OPTIQ were also tossed into the ring. These will all make up the brand’s electric lineup, but the Escalade’s name has so much cache and recognition that clearly the ultimate choice was made to keep it in the mix. While “Escalade IQ” doesn’t roll off the tongue with the same elegance as those other names, at least we know the iconic nameplate isn’t getting fully replaced. The ‘IQL’ variant simply means we will be seeing a longer ESV equivalent at some point, but this announcement today does not mention that model specifically.

More on the upcoming Escalade IQ here, including spy shots!

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