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Ford Introducing No-Haggle Sales for EVs

Starting in 2024, Ford will change the way its electric cars are purchased in the hopes of curbing insane dealer markups. Although your local dealer will still complete the transaction, you’ll be able to handle purchasing online or in the dealer and dealers won’t hold much inventory. Instead, Mustang Mach-Es, F-150 Lightnings and E-Transits will be stocked in “replenishment centers” located in your region so that you’ll get the car you want in under 10 days. Assuming it’s already built, of course…

This is all being handled by Model e, one of the three new main divisions under the Ford umbrella. You may recall that last year Ford decided to undergo this restructuring that split operations into Ford Blue, Pro, and Model e. Model e is the electric division, responsible for handling new technologies for future electric cars, as well as vehicle connectivity and mobility solutions.

Over half of Blue Oval dealers nationwide have already committed to becoming “Model e-certified”. This essentially means they’re outfitted and trained for EV sales an service. What we don’t know is: what will happen at the dealers not certified? Will they still be able to sell Mach-Es? Will markups continue?

More on this development here.

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