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Durango Hellcat Returns and Other Dodge News

Durango Hellcat Returns and Other Dodge News: Dodge has been dropping pretty big hints lately that a “new era of electric muscle car” is nearly upon us, but if gas is still your thing, fear not, Dodge still has the most bat-shit crazy options on offer and one is coming back for a 2023 encore.

2023 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat

That’s right, the three-row hellkitty is baaack! I have to admit this is a bit of a surprise. Dodge claimed that the main reason the Hellcat Durango was a one-year only special was that the evaporative emissions systems designed for the WD/WK2 platform (shared with the previous gen Grand Cherokee) were not in compliance for the 2023 model year. Logic dictated that it didn’t make sense to swap in the updated systems from the Charger and Challenger (which didn’t have this issue) since the Durango shouldn’t last too much longer. (Rumor mill says it’ll be replaced in 2024 with a body-on-frame model related to the Wagoneer.) Turns out the 710 horsepower people carrier was way more popular than Dodge expected so they’ve tweaked the emissions and resurrected the engine. Production won’t be limited, but supplies will likely be scarce so if you want one, get your order in when the books open in September 2022. Production won’t start until 2023 however, so patience is required.

2023 Dodge Challenger Convertible

Behold! The Challenger is finally a convertible. Well, sort of. For 2023 you’ll be able to go to a Dodge dealer and order a Challenger sans-top, but there’s a catch. It’s not a factory job. Dodge has worked with Drop Top Customs, a third party coachbuilder, to sawzall the top off a brand new Challenger in a more streamlined fashion. Here’s how it works: you order your new Challenger from a participating dealer, then it gets drop-shipped directly to Drop Top Customs. They saw the top off, pop on a factory-looking power canvas top, then ship the finished car to your dealer. You can get the hack-saw job done on any 2022/2023 Challenger R/T, R/T Scat Pack, or any SRT model including the Hellcat. The cost for the conversion? An eye-watering $25,999. Ouch. Still, it’s probably cheaper than the aftermath of a DIY job.

The 2023 Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger

Last call for the Charger and Challenger. Maybe. Honestly at this point the big Dodges have lived on so long I’ll only believe they are getting a re-design when one is in my hot little hands. Never the less, Dodge is insisting the end is neigh and to that end there are seven new trims, optional “last call” plaques, new paint jobs, and yes, exactly the same interior as always.

More on the Dodge Durango Hellcat returning here.

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